As many will know SkyeConnect has recently commissioned a number of surveys (via SurveyMonkey), both general and segmented, assessing the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on businesses across Skye and its neighbouring areas.

These have been very well-supported by the business community and has helped inform the public agencies, tourism bodies, politicians and local and national government. We have issued a number of press-releases in recent weeks summarising what businesses are saying about the serious impact on them of the current emergency.

We have collated the statistics for the surveys and responses received so far in a Dropbox folder, with just a Marine Operators survey still open for completion by that sector.

Click below and see the results of the following surveys.

General Business Surveys 1 and 2
Arts and Crafts sector
Bed & Breakfast/Self-catering sector

There are two collations of responses from the B&B/Self-catering and Hotels surveys and feedback on what the governments needed to do to protect businesses from collapse.

Thanks to all those who have participated so far, it has been very valuable in highlighting what is happening in our area.


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