As many will know the Scottish Government is currently undergoing a consultation on short-term lets in Scotland with the purpose of potentially introducing a regulatory framework for the sector, believed to be worth around £723m to the Scottish economy. 

If you are a provider of lettable accommodation in whatever form the proposals, if agreed, could affect your business. This may be in the form of greater regulation, licensing, planning permission requirements retrospectively, reconsideration of the Small Business Bonus Scheme for self-catering properties and potentially even a cap on the number of days that accommodation can be let.

The Association of Scotland's Self-Caterers, the principal industry body with nearly 700 members, has been part of the multi-sectoral government working group and has expressed deep concern that further regulation could have on the industry in Scotland. The association's CEO presented a business briefing in Portree on Monday and the government held a public meeting this week in Aros.

Introduction of new policies could affect your business and so your views will help inform the outcome of the framework proposals. We have shown below the government's webpage on the proposals followed by the link to the 23 questions in the online survey. Below that is a link to Guidance Notes from the ASSC. The online consultation closes on 19th July.

Press Release from ASSC in February.


Para 1.4 of the Short Term Lets Delivery Group says:

'The Scottish Government welcomes the economic benefits which the development of new models of short-term letting brings to Scotland. However, we also recognise the problems caused by short-term lets which are summarised in this paper. Your views are invited on how they might be addressed'.

SkyeConnect and the Association encourage accommodation providers to complete the online survey and help ensure that this sector of Scotland's tourism industry remains competitive and free from potential punitive legislation that could inhibit growth. Equally the Association says that all short term letting has to be sustainable and that there is no 'one size fits all'.