Lord Thurso, Chair of Visit Scotland was the keynote speaker at this week’s ‘Skye the Experience’ autumn conference at the Sligachan Hotel. He was interviewed by SkyeConnect's Simon Cousins.

Here Lord Thurso talks of the role of Visit Scotland in supporting DMOs like SkyeConnect in attracting visitors. He talks of the voluntary transfer of wealth that arises through the growth of tourism "an immense force for good but you have to do it properly". He talks of the role of Visit Scotland in advising government ministers about under-resourced parts of Scotland coping with increased numbers of visitors and the importance of slowing tourists down to give value to visitors but also to increase the spend or extract value from visitors. He talks of the importance in data collection in understanding visitor behaviour and getting them to slow down, chill out, enjoy themselves and spend the money. He raises environmental concerns and how slowing down the visitor will reduce the environmental impact on sites coping with increased numbers of tourists. How about electric hire cars? A challenge for Scotland but also a massive opportunity for Scotland and Skye.  It is a fascinating interview.

Click the link for the video on the SkyeConnect YouTube channel.


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