Destination Skye and Lochalsh has been re-constituted under a new name : SkyeConnect

Following a number of meetings over 2016/2017, the Directors have reformulated the organisation to fit the present-day business needs of Skye’s ever-growing and diversifying tourism industry in our rural area. Going forward there will be a strong focus on developing new business out-with the main summer months and training support for the industry.

The views and concerns of the resident population of Skye need empathy and consideration. Attaining wider acceptance that “tourism is everyone’s business” is an important factor in our close-knit community and we wish to engage everyone.

SkyeConnect will be a local membership organisation, creating a single voice and working collaboratively with the areas which neighbour Skye.

In recent years, a number of local tourism associations have developed on the island, promoting specific areas. In addition, some Community Councils have become more immersed in tourism and local business associations and Community Trusts have also developed to promote the interests of their own communities. Communication between these various groups could be stronger and SkyeConnect wish to help and share knowledge, if possible.

The interim Directors of SkyeConnect are Shirley Spear, Anne Gracie, Ian Mckay and Rob Ware. In June of 2018 additional directors joined the board of SkyeConnect, representing a wide range of businesses and organisations from Skye, Lochalsh and beyond. These are John Coghill,, Dave Till, Ruth Donaldson-Cameron, Jim McDonald, Jake Sayles, Clare Winskill and Councillor John Gordon.

Alistair Danter is SkyeConnect's paid Project Manager and can be reached on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the first instance media enquries for SkyeConnect should be sent toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.