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SkyeConnect – Who we are and what we do


SkyeConnect is a company limited by guarantee, set up to operate as a destination management organisation with initial support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise.


Our vision is of a quality place where people live, work and visit year-round and enjoy a lifestyle rooted in the land, sea, culture, food and people.

Tha an lèirsinn againn de àite càileachd far am bi daoine a 'fuireach, ag obair agus a' tadhal fad na bliadhna agus a 'faighinn tlachd à dòigh-beatha a tha air a freumhachadh anns an fhearann, a' mhuir, a 'chultair, a' bhidhe agus daoine.


As the DMO for Skye, our roles are to:

  • Listen to the wider community and represent its interests at local, regional and national level
  • Facilitate effective collaboration between the people, businesses, public bodies and other organisations relevant to tourism, the environment and the wider economy
  • Share knowledge and information with our members and partners
  • Support local communities/development trusts to bring forward projects
  • Co-ordinate infrastructure investment in partnership with Highland Council/HIE
  • Promote Skye and the surrounding areas as a quality visitor destination
  • Lobby government at local and national levels on behalf of our members


The scope of the operational activity that will help us work toward our vision covers:

  • Communication and information sharing
  • Managing and developing the visitor experience
  • Developing and delivering a strategy for infrastructure
  • Building and managing partnerships and networks

Membership benefits

Our membership benefits will be developed over time as the organisation grows and identifies opportunities to serve and support the development of tourism on Skye and in it’s neighbouring areas. Current membership benefits include:

  • A minimum of 2 networking events each year
  • A quarterly newsletter to tie in with VisitScotland industry surveys
  • Access to a library of images
  • Access to quality business information and networking opportunities
  • Benefit from a PR, Advocacy and Social Media presence and campaigns on behalf of industry on Skye and it's near neighbours
  • Member to member offers
  • Members only area on website with a discussion forum
  • Opportunity to participate in journalist visits and contribute to blogger websites
  • Automatic STA membership

Supported by Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Visit Scotland, the Highland Council, Business Gateway, HITRANS and member of the Scottish Tourism Alliance